Garbanzo vegetable stew

1 onion chopped

2 celery sticks chopped

3 carrots chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil

8 cups vegetable broth  (I use Imagine brand  “no chicken” low sodium broth)

1 lb sliced mushrooms

2 cups finely chopped kale or dark green of your choice

2 teaspoons turmeric

1-teaspoon coriander

2 15 oz cans garbanzo beans  (I like Eden brand)

2 tablespoons tahini  (sesame seed paste)

1 large roasted red pepper (I used bottled roasted red pepper)

¼ c parsley chopped

1-tablespoon Italian seasoning herbs

Salt and hot pepper to taste

In large soup pot sauté first 4 ingredients until onion is translucent 3-4 minutes. Add broth, spices, and mushrooms, and one can of beans (undrained) and simmer for 15 minutes. Add roasted peppers, kale, parsley and herbs, simmer 10 minutes or longer.

In a blender combine second can of beans undrained and the tahini, blend until smooth.

Jus before serving add the bean/ tahini mixture.

Salt and hot pepper to taste. Keep warm but do not boil.

Serve with crusty bread.